Consultation and Purchase

Import and customs clearance from China: Consulting and Purchasing

Being familiar with details and procedures is necessary to make good decisions. Our experts are always ready to welcome you with the latest information regarding to commercial and customs affairs. We are pleased to give you hand in import, export and transit process.

Many years of experience, has made us enough powerful to expand our business, export and import, customs clearance and other financial and commercial activities through China. It also has enable us to hold a good record in our working history.

Some of our services:

  • Advising for purchasing , ordering and custom clearance from China or other countries.
  • Accomplishing all correspondence and contact with the seller.
  • Carrying out all the affairs.
  • Carrying out all the transportation to the country.
  • Obtaining all import licenses.
  • Custom clearance.
  • Calculation of customs fees.

Please contact us to get more information about all steps for shopping and clearance from China or for consulting and purchasing and to be able to order your goods. Please visit this page to get more information about our phone numbers, email address and ...